Executive Placements - Your Partner in Selection


Responding to ongoing requests from our client credit unions, Human Capital Solutions

Group developed options for working with organizations, to identify, recruit and select the

right candidates to lead their organization.  We have developed comprehensive and effective options for working with Board of Directors, CEO’s, and Human Resource professionals to select the right members of the Executive Team.  Throughout our Executive Search Process our consultants are committed to:


  • Creating the process and the tools to meet the specific needs of the credit union for time line, input, and Board member involvement.


  • Developing an understanding of the credit union past, present and future, to develop an accurate profile of the ideal candidate.


  • Ensuring flexibility that accommodates changing circumstances.


  • Maintaining regular communication to keep Board members, CEO's, and Human Resource informed.


  • Providing comprehensive and well developed information that confidently supports the decision making process.


  • Conducting the process in a manner that supports the retention of internal candidates and communicates respect for all applicants.





CEO - Foundation Executive Director - Chief Financial Officer


SVP Marketing  -  VP Compensation -  Controller - SVP Member Experience


Facilitated Search


With a facilitated search we maintain a role as the search consultant for the Directors usually through a designated Search Committee in identifying, selecting and recruiting the right CEO for the credit union.  The Consultant works with the Committee through all phases of the Search Process including the following:


  • Development of process time line with roles and responsibilities


  • Outline of candidate profile


  • Posting and wording of the position announcement


  • Development of candidate information packets


  • Selection of candidates through the search process at each level


  • Development and review of Project/Questionnaires


  • Selection of final candidates and selection of CEO


  • Others as needed


This option provides Directors with an opportunity for engagement in the full search process.  The search may be nationally based and/or targeted to specific regions and executed through industry sources.  For the Facilitated Search, Directors and Executive Management as appropriate must have availability and desire to actively participate in the process.


HCSGroup assumes the role of Consultant and Process Facilitator with the primary objective of supporting the Committee and the Full Board of Directors in recruiting, selecting and retaining the new CEO.  This includes the following:


  • Assist in creating timelines with roles and responsibilities.  This also would include outlining  the timing of retirement announcements or change in management announcements, staff communications, and role transition.


  • Develop position announcements and identify candidate sources. We will manage the placement of position announcements or work with internal Human Resources.


  • Manage correspondence with candidates and committee members.


  • Assist in developing interview questions and scheduling telephone and onsite interviews.  The committee may choose to have the facilitator conduct the telephone interviews and report results to determine which candidates will be invited to the next step.


  • Develop all tools needed by the Committee for the Search Process including:


  • Candidate Evaluation Forms to combine objective criteria based upon experience and qualification


  • Interview Note Forms


  • Candidate Leadership Profile Assessments


  • Candidate Questionnaire and/or Project


The designated committee reviews the resumes and identifies the top candidates to complete the project/questionnaire and final candidates for interview. We manage reference and background checks as needed, complete candidate leadership assessments, and develop the project/questionnaire. Throughout the process we guide, provide input on best practice; ensure that employment guidelines are being followed in the development of questions and in interviews, and move the process forward. We also assist in developing an employment offer based upon competitive market and the candidate’s experience and qualifications.


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