Analyze the current culture, and systems and processes in place to support the culture. Make recommendations to change processes and procedures to support the new culture along with providing training and development to shift employee behavior to reflect and promote the new organization culture.


Strategic Solutions


Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process is designed for the Board or executive team to define the future of the credit union and develop an intentional plan to realize the vision.  The planning provides focus and direction for management as they develop annual plans.  It also outlines strategic measures for success.


Organization Restructuring Planning

Consultants work with the Executive Management Team to assess the current organization structure against industry trends, best practices, effectiveness, future needs based upon the strategic plan, and perceived gaps.  Following the assessment, the desired structure is outlined with a plan for implementation based upon priorities and resources.


Human Capital Gap Analysis

Evaluate current employee skills, talent, and capacity to achieve organization goals and objectives as well as the processes and systems to maximize success.


Succession Planning

Develop a succession strategy and plan to ensure smooth, effective growth and transition of leadership within the credit union.  The plan also identifies critical positions as well as key employees for development and retention.  Outlines of talent gaps provide a framework for training and development programs.


Culture Change

Assess the current culture and the policies, systems and processes that support or hinder the desired culture. Develop specific and intentional strategies to implement culture change as needed including leader training in change management and implementation to shift employee behavior to reflect and promote the new organization culture.


Integration of Acquisitions and Mergers

Facilitate the integration process by ensuring integration requirements, assessments, and plans are included at all phases of the M & A process including an evaluation of integration compatibility of governance, leadership and management, cultures, systems and processes. Our team will also facilitate the integration process with management team minimize conflict and loss of productivity and service.


Executive Coaching

The coaching process is designed to provide individualized professional development with specific feedback on strengths and areas for development. The process is designed to develop and compliment a professional growth plan.